感恩节圣迭戈4日游 | 4-Day Thanksgiving Trip to San Diego


It seems that we’ve never planned any trip that much ahead of time. But we were eager to escape from the cold rainy Seattle, in winter. San Diego, fortunately not affected by the wildfires, was our destination.

Day 1 Old Town & Waterfront |  圣迭戈老城 & 中途岛航母博物馆


We headed to the Old Town right after picking up the car. It was quite there, because most shops and restaurants were closed on Thanksgiving day.



It was late, so we didn’t get close to the Victory Kiss Statue. We found a Chinese restaurant and had rice noodle for dinner.

Day 2 San Diego Zoo Safari Park |  圣迭戈野生动物园

Day 3 LEGOLand & UCSD & La Jolla Cove | 乐高乐园 & UCSD & La Jolla海滩

Day 4 Coronado | 科罗娜多

从Coronado看圣迭戈市区。 San Diego skyline from Coronado

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