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Memorial Weekend across Puget Sound

Again, it’s a barely planned vacation. We (randomly) picked somewhere nearby.

Day 1 – Poulsbo, a Norwegian style town that has yet to be known by the majority of visitors.

Day 2 – Port Angeles, the gateway to Olympic National Park.

Day 1: Bellevue 🚗 Poulsbo

There are typically 3 different routes from Seattle/Bellevue to cross the Puget sound. We drove to “detour” via Tacoma. Two ferry options are available as well.

It was raining heavily on Saturday, unfortunately. We didn’t spend too much time exploring its Scandinavian features apart from those on the Front Street.

We found an interesting book at a bookstore.

Day 2 – Poulsbo 🚗 Port Angeles 🚗 ⛰ Hurricane Ridge @ Olympic National Park

Nice sea-view from the restaurant where we had lunch.

We were stuck on our way to the Hurricane Ridge for 2 hours…

… but it worth the wait!

And we got back to Port Angeles on time for the sunset.

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