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🏙From Top of the City | 登华州第一高楼🏙

Seattle is most famous for the Space Needle, but in fact, its height is not even among top 5 of Seattle. The tallest building of Seattle, as of this writing, is Columbia Center, which is also the tallest of Washington State, and was the tallest on the West Coast when completed in 1985.


We don’t regret the 30-minute drive for the visit to its Sky View Observatory on 73rd floor at 902ft. It beats Space Needle, not only in height, but also the price (basic admission $25 vs $34 as of this writing) and parking (75% off what was already a reasonable rate vs $30-ish valet parking).


⛰ Mountain | 山

  • Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier

🏙 City | 城

  • Downtown overview
  • Space Needle
Space Needle
  • Sports venues

🌊 Waters | 水

  • Elliot Bay
  • Waterfront
Seattle Great Wheel at waterfront
  • Lake Union
Lake Union, and Gas Works Park
  • Lake Washington

🛣 Roads | 路

  • I-5 and I-90 interchange
  • I-5
  • Near King Street Station
4th Ave S, and rails at King Street Station

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