雷尼尔雪山上的3小时 | 3 Hours @ Mt. Rainier

对很多初来西雅图的游客而言,西雅图留下的第一印象很可能是一张从Kerry Park拍摄的西雅图天际线——在太空针和市中心高楼的背后,是距离西雅图市区100英里的雷尼尔雪山

To most of tourists, their first impression about Seattle is likely an iconic photo of Seattle skyline shot from Kerry Park — the Space Needle, downtown buildings, with Mount Rainier in the background.

Kerry Park


It’s been over 3 years since we moved to the Greater Seattle area, and all we’ve done was gazing at it in the distance. The pandemic, however, helped accelerating vacation time accrual. As a result, we decide to take advantage of the vacation time (which otherwise will max out) to visit this active volcano. Instead of lodging near the park though, we decided to make it a same-day round trip, with the concern of the pandemic.


Via the Nisqually Entrance, we reached the temporarily-closed visitor center at Paradise, after a long winding road. Even though it’s a workday during the pandemic, it’s not easy to find a spot in the parking lot at 5400 ft. elevation.

Paradise Inn

我们走了Skyline Trail的一小段——过了Myrtle Falls不久就折返了。

在前往Reflection Lake的路上拍到的山顶——

On our way to the Reflection Lake

Reflection Lake ——


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