Memorial Day Long Weekend off the Ground | 上天又下海的 小长假

Day 1: ⛴🐳 普吉特湾观鲸之旅

Summer is the whale watching season in Seattle. We booked a 4-hour tour with Puget Sound Express, and boarded their vessel, Saratoga Express, early in the morning at port of Edmonds.


Puget Sound Express承诺,如果一路上没有看到鲸,他们会免费给游客一张下次再来的船票。

If you don’t see whales on your trip, we will give you a voucher for another trip on us.

Puget Sound Express

The first half of the journey was pretty “boring”. Not a single whale, even though we did see some other creatures…


… and architecture.

Before we knew it, the vessel started making its way back south, via the Deception Pass, into the Skagit Bay.

不知不觉,船开始向南返航。与去时不同,回程的路线是经由Deception Pass和Skagit Bay。

Still, we didn’t see a whale… until 70% of the journey was completed – when the captain yelled “There she blows!”.


A Grey Whale blow. 一条灰鲸正在喷水。

Shortly afterwards, we saw another male grey whale. But it was smaller in size and further in distance, so I wasn’t able to capture a good photo of it with my kit lens. (P.S. Daisy bought me a new camera and lens right after this trip. Love you ❤️)


The map, and our route. 此次观鲸之旅的路线图。

That’s a wrap. They escaped giving up a voucher 🙁

Day 2: 🌇🎡🍽 摩天轮夕阳晚餐

We have never dined out since the pandemic. As the situation getting better (hopefully), we decided to dine out somewhere fancy and high end.


So, here we (and our food) are, in a Gondola, on the Seattle Great Wheel.


Seattle Great Wheel. 西雅图摩天轮

The food was… not good in my opinion, considering it costs over $150 per person (a regular Seattle Great Wheel ride ticket costs $15, for reference). But, the sunset view was great.


Smith Tower, with the shade of the Great Wheel.
Downtown buildings, including Columbia Center, the tallest building in Seattle. 市中心的高楼,包括哥伦比亚中心,西雅图最高楼。

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