Little Grand Canyon in WA | 华州“小”大峡谷

Thanksgiving weekend is too short for a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Fortunately, there is a local alternative that is only 2.5 hours away from us.


Cave B

Our destination is Cave B Ridge, located in Quincy, Grant County, in mid Washington State. After taking exit from I-90, we drove 10 more minutes to get there.

我们的第一个目的地是Cave B,坐落在山上的小屋群落,俯瞰着Columbia河。

The cabins —

The view of the gorge:


The view from the Tendrils restaurant:


The windmills and sunset:


Frenchmen Coulee

French Coulee is an attraction primarily for rock climbing.


Wanapum used to be a tribe of Native Americans. However, in 1953 the construction of the Priest Rapids Dam and the Wanapum Dam flooded the riverbanks where the Wanapum had lived in traditional tule houses (source: Wikipedia).

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