3-Day San Juan Islanders | 三日岛民

Geographically isolated from continental PNW, San Juan Islands are accessible to vehicles with hour-long ferry rides from Anacortes, which is about 1.5 hours from home. The one from Anacortes to Friday Harbor is so popular that we couldn’t get a reservation spot during its releases that happen 2 weeks and 2 days prior to the sailing date. Fortunately, we got a last-minute spot the day before our trip.

圣胡安群岛位于华盛顿州和加拿大维多利亚之间,距离美国本土Anacortes港口需要大约1小时的轮渡。从Anacortes到圣胡安岛Friday Harbor之间的轮渡非常热门,我们错过了出发前两周及两天两次的预约,好在在出发前一天抢到了别人的退票。

Day 1: Arrival at San Juan Island

After having a nice lunch at Cynthia’s Bistro, we walked around the downtown before heading to Lime Kiln Point State Park, a popular whale watching spot

在Cynthia’s吃过午饭,在Friday Harbor逛了一圈后,我们前往Lime Kiln Point State Park,也是一个观鲸点。

We booked a 3-hour kayak trip at 6pm at Roche Harbor.

晚上,我们在Roche Harbor划了3个小时的皮划艇。

Timing was perfect for the sunset, after we finished dinner at 10.


Day 2: Day Trip to Orcas Island

We visited Orcas Island on the second day, and spent most of the day in Moran State Park.

第二天,我们坐轮渡到Orcas岛。Moran State Park里的Mt. Constitution是我们的第一个目的地。

On the Ferry

Mt. Constitution (in Moran State Park)


We had dinner in the town of Eastsound.

Cattle Point (in San Juan Island)

We made our way back to San Juan Island, and headed towards Cattle Point for the sunset.

傍晚,我们回到圣胡安岛,到Cattle Point看日落。

Day 3: San Juan Island, in the Rain

It started to rain on the final day of our trip before we made our way home. We drove around the island on the almost same route, just for a different view.

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