Immersive Getaway In Central WA | 沉浸式网红民宿及周边打卡之旅

Located in Central WA, sitting on top of the Pioneer Ridge, Earthlight Villas is an extremely popular cabin (which is fully booked for the upcoming 6 months) with unobstructed views of Columbia River and the canyon. We are fortunate to book 2 nights there as the base camp for our weekday getaway.


The Cabin | 小屋

With sweeping views of the Columbia River, our unique homes are specifically designed to experience the combination of luxury living and the beauty of nature… Explore our wild trekking paths in spring and summer, and snowshoe through the hills in winter. Watch the deer wander by. Earthlight™ has it all, and then some. Our open plan living space is specifically designed for couples featuring a glass shower, free-standing tub, and modern kitchen all with breathtaking views of the valley below.

It’s not exaggerating – great views can be observed through the French windows when dining, resting, sleeping, bathing, showering, and even when using restroom.

官网上,Earthlight Villa毫不吝惜对自己的溢美之词。不过确实也并不夸张——透过三面环绕的落地窗,不论是吃饭时,休息时,甚至是洗澡或者上厕所时,哥伦比亚河谷的美景尽收眼底。地主买下了周围一大片的地,所以私人领地也不太担心他人靠近。

The Views

From the deck, a broader view came into sight.


Sunset | 日落

The Starry Night | 星空

The sky was clear for the first night, which was perfect for stargazing. Even without a tripod, we were able to capture part of the Milky Way, Ursa Major and Polaris.


The Farmland | 麦田

To reach The Earthlight Villa cabin, there is about 20 minutes drive on unpaved road in farmland after getting off US-2.

从2号公路下来,在到达Earthlight Villa前还需要经过20分钟的乡间小路,穿过一大片农田。

Water Activities | 水上活动

As Columbia River and Lake Chelan are nearby, there are a lot of water activities that can be done from the parks and marinas across the waters.

毗邻Columbia River和Lake Chelan,自然有不少水上活动。

最后一天,我们到Lake Chelan过了一把开船的瘾。

That’s about it

The journey came to an end, but still a lot to observe on our way back on the scenic US-2.


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